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Posted at 1:47 pm February 10, 2016, in Uncategorized

There have been some updates made to the posting states in ROCS; remember that posting states signify what status a posting is currently in. Please see below for a list of all posting states and their definitions:

Approved-Internal: To be used for internal only positions, Posting exemptions, Union positions, Lay-offs, Temps and Executive hires. The Approved-Internal state is used when a posting needs to be in a posted state, however it will not show up on the Rutgers Job Board – the system will provide an internal link which is the only way an individual can apply to a posting in the Approved-Internal state.

Posted [Open]: The Posted [Open] state will indicate the job is posted on the Rutgers Job Board for the public.

Hold: ONLY to be utilized for a 2 week timeframe. If there is a budgeting issue with a position, the department can request the position be placed on Hold.

Not Visible on Job Board: This state is used when the position is still active but is no longer view-able on the Rutgers Job Board.

Re-posted: If the position was taken down from the job board because enough applicants had applied or because an offer was extended then denied, you can change the status and “Repost” the position. This will post the position back on the Rutgers job board as well as the applicable websites such as, etc.

Offer: The Offer state is used when the department makes an offer, moves the applicant to “Finalist” and completes the hiring proposal.

Filled: The Filled state means that you have filled the position, and the posting is completed. The Filled state is a critical state in ROCS as it will generate the automated rejection e-mails to applicants **Dispositions needs to be completed before moving the posting to this state**.

Please click on the image below to get a visual representation of the posting flow:

Posting Flow