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Posted at 12:47 pm March 18, 2016, in Uncategorized

To help ROCS Users more effectively and efficiently screen candidates we have added two new questions that every applicant must answer. The benefit of these two new questions will give users in ROCS the ability to sort their applicant pool using the questions as criteria.

Additional Questions:

Question One: Are you a currently a Rutgers employee?
–Benefit: If the ROCS user is seeking internal talent, they will be able to clearly identify and sort the pool of candidates based on the new question.

Question Two: What is your salary requirement?
–Benefit: Knowing a candidates salary requirements in the beginning of the process will help screen candidates in line with our salary tables as well as save time during the interview and offer stage.

FUN FACT – Did you know that the cost of hiring the wrong employee will result in a loss of salary ranging between six to eighteen months of salary.UHR Hire Smart! Presentation – UHR Learning & Development (Click the link for an online learning tool to help hiring managers Hire Smart.)

Please see below for steps on how to add the new questions to your applicant search table:

1] When in the applicant’s tab of your posting use the ‘Add Column’ command to locate the two new questions. Select the question to add the column to your search table – the question will add automatically to the table once you select it:


2] Selecting the two questions will add them to your applicant search table. See below for an example image of the table:

ROC_image 3