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Posted at 4:04 pm May 11, 2016, in Uncategorized

In addition to staff postings, ROCS provides a separate workflow for posting faculty positions. This workflow is available for use now. Starting on July 01, 2016, it will be the official location for posting all faculty positions. In order to comply with federal regulations, Rutgers must be able to demonstrate that both staff and faculty positions have been advertised and that our recruiting practices support a diverse group of candidates.

The faculty posting process requires fewer steps. You do not have to enter any information on the position description side. Instead, go directly to the posting side and enter the information. You do not have to select a classification – that can be identified once you select a candidate. When posting a faculty position, the Authorizer 2 is the final approval*UHR will not be approving faculty postings.*

Posting a faculty position in ROCS does not in any way preclude you from advertising in journals, other recruiting websites, reaching out to prospective candidates or recruiting at conferences. We ask that you create a posting in ROCS and use the link to the posting in any other recruitment. This ensures that all your candidate applications will be in one location. In addition to posting for full time faculty positions, ROCS can be used to advertise PTL positions, allowing you to create a pool of instructor candidates.

Using ROCS offers several benefits:

– The ability to run reports on faculty postings and applicant data
– Rutgers faculty positions will be located on one job board. Applicants will have easier access to information about Rutgers University faculty positions.
– ROCS will provide a link to the posting that may be shared with other job boards.
– ROCS allows you to review applicants online and has search committee functionality

ROCS for Faculty recruitment has new privileges. To setup for ROCS Faculty Postings your department/unit needs to add ROCS users – please contact the ROCS Administrators ( with the following information:

• Departmental code/Z org
• Requested Role (Initiator, Authorizer 1, or Authorizer 2)

Please be on the lookout for an announcement on formal training opportunities in the near future. You may sign up for a ROCS OWL session to learn more about Faculty recruitment in ROCS by navigating to the following link: ROCS O.W.L. Session Sign Up

*Departments should follow their normal process in getting approval to recruit for faculty positions.*