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Posted at 3:26 pm November 3, 2016, in Uncategorized

There are several tools in ROCS to request an applicant’s ‘Reference Letters’. This blog post will discuss the options an initiator has when setting up the system to collect recommendation letters.

The first option exists in two places: The cover page of the request (the first step in creating a posting), or in the “Settings” tab of an already created posting. Below is an image of what the options look like:


In the ‘Reference’ section it is recommended to use two of the fields:

Reference Notification: This option will automatically send an e-mail out the the reference providers when an applicant moves to the state selected in the drop-down menu.

Recommendation Document Type: This option should always be selected as ‘Letter of Recommendation’ – this allows the reference provider to attach their letter.

The second area in ROCS to establish ‘Reference Letters’ is a tab in the posting request titled ‘Reference Letters’. In this tab you can make it required for the applicant to provide the contact information of reference providers. Please see the image below:


Will this posting require Reference Letters?: This option marks if the applicant is required to upload reference information or if they can skip this area in the application process.

Reference Provider Special Instructions: This field allows the department to provide a message, or instructions to the reference providers. This message will appear in the e-mail received by the reference providers.

Minimum Number of References Required: This sets the minimum number of reference provider an applicant has to supply.

Maximum Number of References Required: This sets the maximum number of reference provider an applicant has to supply.

Cutoff Date for References: This will stop all reference letter providers from entering letters on this date.


The third area where you can request an applicant’s reference providers is in the ‘Applicant Documents’ section. This section will allow the applicant to upload a document to list their reference providers.


Not Used: The applicant will not have to upload a document with their reference provider information.

Optional: The applicant has the choice to either upload a document, or not upload a document with their reference provider information.

Required: The applicant must upload a document with their reference provider information before they can apply to the job.